Cynthia started out evangelizing after she accepted the Lord in 1984.  She joined The
New Gethsemane C.O.G.I.C.  Her pastor was Raymond E. Watts, which is now; New
Direction C.O.G.I.C. Bishop Dr. Raymond E. Watts. She would pile her car up every
Sunday with people from her neighborhood who she had witnessed to during the week.
She would then would bring them to church.  Shortly after,  she became a part of
the bus ministry at her local church.  She would go door to door and invite children to
church and vacation bible school.  Then she would ride on the bus with them.  At times
she would help to provide food, clothing and protection from the church kids who did
not understand the UN churched.  

Cynthia started to drill team groups in the city she grew up in, “Babes For Christ”, “The
Pomona Valley Christian Drill team and Drum core“.  They ministered in churches, but
mostly we participated in parades spreading the Gospel.  The groups won several
awards and souls to Christ. Later, Cynthia started a step team for her churches district,
“God’s Royal Priesthood”. By this time Cynthia was a little more seasoned and
started speaking from the word of God.  She was invited to speak at youth services and
events. The step team would minister in step.

Cynthia was a part of several outreach ministries at her local church,  The Care Unit,
Morning Prayer, The Hunger Program and the New Members Fellowship. She later
became an Inspired Missionary. She started and directed The Arts Ministry at Mount
Sinai C.O.G.I.C. Pomona Ca and had a staff of 9. Under the Umbrella of the Arts Ministry
was, 3 step teams, 2 dance teams, the liturgical ministry (sign), 2 oratorical teams and
the drama department. We did all major programs and services in and out of the
church.  Once we had service in the park.  We saw so many souls come to the Lord.

Cynthia relocated to Covington Georgia in 2004 and  joined the Cathedral of Faith
Church Of God In Christ in Atlanta, where Elder Arthur F. Mosley is the Pastor.  

Cynthia was recommend to  attended The C.O.G.I.C. School of Ministry in Marietta
Georgia for 3 years.  In that time she received her credentials as a Deaconess Mission
and then went on the received her Licensed as an Evangelist through the Church of
God In Christ.
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